Chief Strategy Officer at UTURN


UTURN Entertainment, created by Saudi brothers Kaswara and Soraka Al Khatib, is an online entertainment network to Arab speakers worldwide. The brothers have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, stemming from their father who founded two businesses. Kasawara pursued a career in marketing and worked for Proctor and Gamble. Soraka also worked for P&G, but decided to leave work in order to gain expertise in diverse fields. When Soraka was attending the London Business School, he realized that foreign giants were dominating the local media industry, and creating a hostile environment for Saudi talent. So, the brothers founded a boutique creative agency, which awakened their hunger for entrepreneurship. Looking to make their country a creative hub and regional wellspring of talent, and feeling that online entertainment was in need of local reinvigoration, the brothers began to produce online shows. They launched a YouTube channel from which they shared their shows and began to gain popularity. Their second show, a comedy series, attracted over 2 million subscribers. This caught YouTube’s attention, and they invited the company to be an official partner in 2014. UTURN also partnered with Yahoo! To stream content on their Screen Platform. From there, UTURN broadened its goal to allow a generation of young Saudis to create and access incisive, relevant, diverse content, filling a void in a country where government-controlled state broadcasters have failed to engage young audiences. UTURN is now a Multi Channel Network that both creates original shows and aggregates and curates top online content.