Health/tech entrepreneur and investor


Bern Shen is Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of HealthCrowd, a Silicon Valley-based mobile health startup, a member of the Silicon Valley Band of Angels, Board member at TechWadi & Harvard Business Prof. Clayton Christensen’s Institute for Disruptive Innovation, organizer of the Abu Dhabi Startup Meetup, advisor to WOMENA, & a startup mentor for Flat6Labs, AstroLabs, Turn8 & the STEP conference. He draws on 15 years of clinical practice (emergency medicine) and 2 decades of health tech experience (HP, Oracle, Intel, Institute for the Future & several startups) to advise, co-lead or invest in early stage companies, & splits his time between San Francisco and Abu Dhabi. Bern holds an A.B. from Harvard and an MD, MPhil. from Yale.